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Introduction: This page will talk about the Precision Nutrition program and I’ll give my opinion on it. Just to be clear, this is my opinion, and it’s completely unofficial. This website is not endorsed by nor affiliated with the actual Precision Nutrition company. I just want to share my Precision Nutrition review and help educate those of you still wondering what exactly this thing is.

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What Is Precision Nutrition?

I think of it as my complete nutrition lifestyle. It’s not a diet. It’s definitely not a fad. They call it a “system” and that’s pretty close.

Think of it as a life-long nutrition system.

Best of all, it’s not some ebook. It’s a real system that comes in a box and you always have it at your side (or on your shelf). You can go through the binder and book and feel it in your hands.

The cookbook is a spiral-bound format that will lay flat on your kitchen counter, and I need the cookbook at my side with both my hands free for the food, so that’s very much appreciated. Little touches like that show how much care went into this entire product.

Who created it?

Dr John Berardi. Saying he’s smart is an understatement – the man has a Masters in exercise physiology and a Ph.D. in kinesiology. And that doesn’t begin to cover his real life results as an athlete to back it all up. (And can I say, just look at the guy!)

Also, there exists a great team behind everything. Not only do they work behind the scenes, they are right there in the forums quite often to answer your questions and help along your journey to health.

This gang in the forums is great if you’re like me and don’t have many fitness-minded friends. When I want to talk to someone not eating fast food at least once a day, I get online.

Is It Easy to Follow and Put Into Practice?

It’s both simple and complex. Starting out is simple, but it can be adapted however you like. If you love to exercise and train, well, go crazy with it! But you can also slowly and steadily start to follow the PN guidelines and still get great results.

It’s NOT a textbook.

There are 10 basic guidelines, and each one is simple. For example, “eat protein at every meal.” That seems like a no-brainer to me now that I’m educated on this topic.

The ultimate goal is for 90% compliance with the guidelines. This means even when done perfectly, you have a little wiggle room for cheat meals and such.

Here’s a quote about the Quick Start guide:

“I’ll show you the exact steps that you need to take right away if you’re going to succeed. Every step is laid out in detail, and in less than 45 minutes you will have done precisely what most people never think to do – the critical steps that make all the difference.”

Heck, just go with the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook and start eating that type of food instead of your normal fare. You’ll be healthier just from that. And you could lose weight as well.

It’s not a strict calorie-counting diet. You just follow the meal plans and templates so you go by the system, and that negates the need to really track calories (at least not until you’re already lean and going for super-lean).

If you’ve always hated counting calories all day long, you can quit right now!

What should I expect?

  • Increased energy
  • Fat loss
  • Better functioning immune-system
  • More self-confidence
  • Improved endurance
  • Faster recovery from injury

It sounds incredible but really, that’s simply how your body reacts to a better diet!

Who uses PN to look and feel their best?

Pro athletes, amateur athletes and weekend warriors, body builders, busy moms, and just about everyone who wants to look and feel their best use the program.

Looking at the testimonials on their site, there are fans of Precision Nutrition just about everywhere. Bodybuilding, MMA, cycling, nordic skiing, and more. And not just amateurs – rather, professional fighters of the UFC and NHL teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs. AND, this is big – Olympic gold medalists!

Also, I recently watched a seminar that Dr. Berardi gave to a group of NFL players, including some Super Bowl champs. So this program works for the elite of the elite.

Who should not buy PN?

If you have no motivation to eat healthy or get in shape, don’t want to eat tasty, healthy foods, and would rather just feel like crap and spend all day on the couch and get sick all the time, save your money.

You don’t fall into that category, do you?

Need More Help? Get Coaching

Is the nutrition system not enough? Check out the Lean Eating and Scrawny to Brawny coaching.

Lose weight and get slender or pack on lean muscle. Your choice. With personal attention the whole way through, it’s so much easier to stay on track. You’re actually held accountable for your actions.

There is limited enrollment, though, so if this is for you, get on the PN email list so you know when sign-up opens.

I’m not familiar with the specifics, but the most balanced review of their coaching program is this one from Coach Levi. Pay close attention to the list of reasons not to sign up.

FAQ and Randomness

What’s the price?

It’s $97 for the course and free bonus Gourmet Nutrition cookbook.

What if I’m vegetarian?

Your plant-eating habits will be happy to see an entire section called the Plant-Based Diet Guide. That’s right. PN is so adaptable it is no problem if you’re not a meat eater.

I only eat shakes, not real meals?

Well I guess you can kinda get away with that. Maybe. The binder does contain a Super Shake guide, so at least you have plenty of options for healthy shakes.

Personally I’m a huge fan of the 5-Minute Meals guide, so lack of time is no excuse. These meals are nearly as quick as a shake.

This is V3?

Yep, after lots of additions and refinements over the years, this is the third edition – Precision Nutrition V3.

What else is there?

Did I mention there’s a section about doing body measurements to track progress? It’s cool. Tracking girth measurements and body fat % is a much better stat to track than your weight.

There is also a great section in the members forums where they give out tons of free exercise and training plans for general fitness and certain sports training. That should save you some money if you were thinking of purchasing something like that somewhere else. Just get it free from Precision Nutrition.

35 thoughts on “My Precision Nutrition Review”

  1. I’ve done a 6mth session of PN at my gym and had some success but now I’m totally off track again. They aren’t offering it anymore there so I’m seriously considering putting out the $100/mth and starting the online program in January. Any thoughts?

    1. The coaches I’ve talked to sound like awesome people, and you can’t argue with the results. If you want to work with someone rather than being self-coached, I think it’s a good option.

  2. Im curious as to how this is an independent review when your website has the name of the cert in it. Lends me to believe you are either a staffer or were paid to write a generally positive review. Your thoughts?

    1. Just a happy customer sharing my experience and opinions.

      If you look at their Facebook page, you’ll see that they share customer feedback of all types, including negative stuff. So i don’t believe they’d employ the tactics you describe.

  3. Sent them money and they started spamming me, but not anything useful like complete five-part video series, or something actually useful upon login. All I found were a private section of ads for more services, making me wonder what it was I actually purchased. Binder? Even their e-mail warns, if it doesn’t arrive in a week, give them a call. Who does that? You order it; they send it. It’s been over a week and they haven’t even confirmed shipping yet, though they sent a note telling me it was “on its way” when it wasn’t. I feel like the punch line going to be, “There is no binder. It was within you all along!” If so, I want a refund. I think they used a hard cover paper format because e-books would have been way beyond their internet fu. My friend who was on this program looks fabulous, but they’ve just irritated the hell of me. I want to see what the frat boy spokesman looks like in 15 years.

  4. Do they really allow negative reviews? Everytime I see negative reviews someone quickly swoops in and tries to recover for what was said.

    Precision Nutrition pays affiliates and people to pay to promote and say good things about their business so yeah, it is quite sketchy. Not to mention, who would buy and purchase a website with the precision nutrition name in it. I’ll tell you why, because you have links to their website. Not to mention, anyone typing in ” PN review” on a search engine would first come here.

    Sorry, my experience is that they are a bunch of arrogant fitness professionals who are self righteous and and have been known to be vulgar at times (curse words in their writing). If I wanted to hear that I’d join a bodybuilding gym. I don’t care how good their program may seem to be. Attitude is everything. Just like I wouldn’t pay for the best doctor if he had horrible bedside manner.

  5. Unbiased review? Seriously? You give links to their website. I truly think that it’s an obvious case that you are biased and promoting their website and products. Sorry.

  6. Can’t recall anything vulgar from PN.

    When I think vulgar, I think of T-Nation!

    1. The book writing by Krista SD has a cuss word in it. I am guessing Sally may be referring to that. (KSD wrote the lessons.) There is a lesson 10 months into the program that links back to a person who is a practicing witch, as per this person’s website in the ‘About me’ section. I did point that out my coach, who claimed she advised it to her superiors.

      The lessons are for the most part G-rated but occasionally there is language that some may take issue with.

  7. I don’t know why you made the comment about the team being “a bunch of arrogant fitness professionals who are self righteous”? That doesn’t ring true for me at all. I’m new to Precision Nutrition but I’ve been following some of their affiliates for years. They seem impeccably professional, knowledgeable and their credentials are solid. It’s their knowledge you’re paying for. If you don’t want knowledgeable advice, just go on the internet for free, there’s a lot of bad advice out there.

  8. These people are a joke. You pay a monthly fee and a coach is assigned to a large group of people. I use the word “coach” lightly because they really don’t do anything. It is a one-size-fits all solution for everyone. They have people would haven’t be active in years and are 200 lbs overweight performing exercises that experienced athletes are supposed to be doing. All of this is under your own supervision and they expect it to work for everyone. As long as you follow the rules and the academic checklist they are happy. They don’t care if you have success or not, it all about the money. Coaches will even tell you that they don’t read what you put in the lessons unless you ask for them to do so (doesn’t seem like a coach to me). If it works for you great, but if it doesn’t work they have no idea on how to adjust for an individual .. just another scam to get money from the consumer. Oh and the spam that you continue to get from them is unbelievable – 20 minute videos trying to continuously sell you the next product. Most of the recommended supplements are from the same company!

    1. I had a similar experience as Kay. My coach was ok but honestly it felt like I was a bother to her, especially to schedule a phone call. She would not do skype, nor evenings, nor weekends. The interns were nice enough but one kept calling me the wrong name. When I pointed it out she said someone in a different fitness group has the same last name as I do and she apologized for getting us mixed up. I give her a pass on this; she may have mild dyslexia or whatever. I didn’t find that the supplements came from the same company. I also found that my coach or intern read my lesson responses; they responded to almost every lesson. All in all it was not a bad experience but it was a big disappointment in that I asked for a deeper bonding experience as in skype or video chat but I was denied this repeatedly. Also I found that “owners manual” to be downright degrading. I honestly thought they would take our answers and create an owners manual to present to us at the end and of course they didn’t. Nope. It was all for us to house in our minds and retrieve info as needed. What a joke. I think the only people who would benefit from PN are extremely self-motivated individuals who are already on the road to fitness. Those of us who need a bit more of a deeper connection will be sorely disappointed.

  9. You haven’t heard them be vulgar? Nate Green curses frequently throughout his videos and writing. He has titles such as “F**k a Homerun” in his writing. Krista Scott-Dixon even has a writing called “F**K Calories.” Totally spelled out.

    Dr Berardi even describes things as “sh*tty” and even drops the f-bomb in his writing such as this: as he tries to appeal to readers by dropping curse words. Classy indeed.

    No thanks, I’ll look for a weight loss program with a little more class.

    1. Sally did you find one? Because we seem to be looking for a nutrition program along the same lines….

  10. Agree with the negative comments above. I do not spend time reviewing companies unless I find it to be a general help or warning to the public. Be forewarned !! I participated in PN LE coaching program and believed the coaches ” had my back ” and were there to help me transform. Untrue. It took me several months to realize that the coaches are not only arrogant and self serving but this is more like a cult ( as a current coach recently said to me) than it is a company that is there for the benefit of it’s clients. They want you to think this. Not true.
    The coaches go way beyond their scope of practice right into your personal life and act like what they say and do is irrefutable and not to be questioned. They appear under a guise of helping you but really are self seeking jerks who really could care less about you as a client. This Cookie cutter program will not work for everyone as everyone knows one approach does not work with ALL and if you see no results, they claim YOU are the problem vs their above all high and mighty program. I find that fact nauseating at least . The coaches really do nothing besides try and encourage you to do everything they sayin their one size fits all perfect program. Such a shame it is as I wish I knew the truth , as I once respected the name John Berardi and what he was offering to the community as an online service. Do not waste your money here. Their transformation pictures in our group after a year long program included approx 60 finalists. Out of an approx 1500 enrollment , that is 4%of the clients that they SHOW you pictures of before and afters as advertisements. There are FAR many more that follow their program and are above 80% compliant with their workouts and habits that they don’t make enough physical transformation change enough to advertise on their site. They won’t even disclose the pictures of those that are 80% compliant to their clients let alone the public. That is a very low % rate of success. Consider the fact that if you are anything but a beginner with poor eating habits , that you truly will make little to no change AT ALL. Go spend your $ elsewhere with someone that truly serves the client vs a cookie cutter program. You’ll save a year worth of BS and $1300- $1500 altogether. And then. Try and get your $ back. Good luck with that. Moral. Don’t trust every big company because big companies often lose heart as money always rules as it does here.

    1. My coach definitely did not get involved in my personal life. She was distant. Also I feel that as a beginner it was worthless to me; I feel for someone who is already on the road to quantifiable health and fitness they can gain insight and wisdom. For me it was educational, but nothing more. I paid $1800. $5 per day. To be educated? It’s time for the truth about PN to come out.

  11. I signed up for their coaching program and after trying to reach my coach for nearly two weeks, without getting any responses, I asked for my money back. It took a few weeks but finally they refunded my money. I would never sign up again.

    1. Well that’s just plain awful! I don’t blame you one bit!

      I’m afraid they might be expanding too fast and taking on too many new coaches and clients. It’s hard to say if there was an issue with your specific coach or with the infrastructure (or lack thereof). Hopefully they get this figured out because what they have (or had) is truly great! I would hate to see it go downhill.

      1. I was on the program that began January 2016. I went in hoping that this would truly help me learn new ways to look at nutrition and exercise. I dropped out after six months due to several factors. I began to feel that I was dealing with some snake oil sales people that were really interested in continuing to sell products and services during the program. I made a purchase in good faith for a product they recommended from Biotrust, and since them I get at least five emails a day from them, sometimes with the headline “this is your last chance.”
        I also found the surrogate videos on Facebook to be tedious and useless, and as many other have stated, I found the language to be on par with a high school locker room. Do the words “suck,” etc., really have to be used unless you are trying to sell to high school students? I believe that PN needs to focus more on the psychological aspects surrounding issues of food. Overeating is not always about the food but more about the self-medication that it provides.

        1. Robert I was in the Jan 2016 cohort as well. I stuck with it. I did learn a lot but was it worth $5/day? No. I did learn things I didn’t know but $5 /day worth? No.

  12. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience with the program and the coach. I am in my 7 th month and have recommended the program to several of my friends.

  13. I think with programs like this, you get out what you put in. I enjoyed most of the lessons (I glazed over the locker room language) but certainly not all lessons were created equal. The last lesson was the “Secret” of PN coaching. The reason I came here today is to say that I listened to a podcast called Foundr where there is an interview with a guy named Sol Orwell who is apparently a friend of JB’s. Orwell said that PN coaching made $600 MILLION last year. I messaged PN on FB and said, seriously, that is ridiculous! I was told that sort of information was above her pay grade and if she could help with anything else to let her know. I am trying to get the word out to anyone googling reviews of PN coaching that they are not trying to help you. They are trying to line their pockets. I can imagine JB bragging to his buddy they made $600 MILLION last year. Well $1800 of it was my hard-earned money. I decided to not request a refund, if anyone cares, because I did learn from the lessons and exercises, just not $5/day worth. If you decide to go with PN coaching, you need to know that not all coaches are created equal. Google and research your coach, then request to switch coaches if needed. I did, and they switched in about 1-2 days. I don’t get the spam e-mail that other people have mentioned. I feel personally that the coaching program is for people who are mostly already fit and lead a fit lifestyle, not for beginners.

  14. I purchased the product in July 2015. I started well, but then on March 3, 2017, my left knee failed. I could not walk up or down stairs. I saw a doctor and need my left knee replaced. The first appointment to replace my was on May 25, 2016. I developed complications and blood clots. The second week in June I started my rehabilitation. I contacted Precision Nutrition and my coach was on vacation and his replacement told me to do the exercises. What? Apparently, the staff are not knowledgeable about knee replacements. I am on blood thinner (warfarin) until February 2017. Anyway, I did not get a refund or anything. My left knee is not healed and my right is now more painful. I just hope my left knee heals before I have to have my right knee replaced. I have asked for a refund and nothing. With over $12,000 in medical bills I could use the $1300.00 I paid for this course. Last, I cannot eat wheat, it makes my knees hurt. The coaches suggest I eat grains/wheat. So much for coaches who consider theur clients.

  15. the content is mediocre at best. it starts off very helpful but by mid-year the daily lessons become less and less about nutrition. today i actually had one about time management. that kind of pissed me off. im paying $100 a month for nutrition insight. not time management tips. other days/weeks have similarly gone off topic quite severely.

    the saving grace for me that makes it worthwhile is that my coach is stellar. most of the credit goes to him, very little to PN.

  16. I received PN Coaching through a program through my health insurance, and I have had nothing but a positive experience. My coach responds to me daily with encouragement. I have found that the slow habit-building approach is working for me. I hate counting calories, and PN is helping me to develop new habits that seem so natural. I have not lost much weight yet, but I feel lighter, with more energy and stamina. It’s a great program in my opinion.

  17. I am having some reservation about starting this program since I am a senior. Is it self monitored exercising?

  18. My experiene with PN coaching is simple. Pray you don’t have any challenges or health issues along the way, or you get cut off. I asked for a break and was told I had a week , and that it was important to stay on track. I have health challenges and this program is not accommodating. You should be warned before you spend your hard earned money. I dissclosed everything before I started. My coach deleted my account and didn’t even have the decency pick up a phone and call me. Everything was thru the pn coaching messaging. Very unprofessional and greedy behavior. All my journeling

  19. Thank you for an unbiased review site and for allowing true comments and diverse opinions exist here. It is hard to find real people reviewing anything these days.

    It is easy to get convinced if you *only* hear their talk. I think is useful general nutrition information (which I have got in their “sales funnel” emails so far) but not worth that much money for the whole program.

    I wanted to find true reviews to make a decision and I think I will pass for now.

    Keep it up.

    1. You’re welcome Denisse. Thanks for your encouragemnet. I posted this blog long ago to help share how good the books were. I don’t know what the coaching is like, so I leave all the comments about that so people can stay informed.

  20. Any updates on recent experience? Looking at signing up to become a health and nutrition coach? Thanks.

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